At Olive Technology, our services begin long before we develop the first line of code. Sometimes we don’t even develop code for you. We are often called upon to lend a second set of eyes to a particular architecture, process or plan. Our mission is to help our clients find the right solutions to their challenges through technology.

Sometimes it’s just faster to have someone with the right experience give you guidance to get you heading in the right direction. Other times, you just want a second set of eyes to validate your assumptions. Either way, we can help you out.  – Hari

Enterprise Planning

For clients who already have established IT infrastructure, they want to take their legacy systems and interim patches and transform them into great ideas for the future. At Olive Technology we start with an understanding of your objectives and an analysis of your current systems’ abilities to meet those requirements. We evaluate your legacy systems to decide whether to retain them in place while integrating with new systems. Even if your legacy systems can continue to operate, we will assist you in determining if this is a cost-effective strategy. At Olive Technology, with over twenty-five years of experience working on hundreds of client solutions, we help clients select the best solution for the organization.
For clients in start-up mode, we become key partners. We help new organizations distinguish between “must haves” and enhancements that bring only modest returns. We help them develop a better understanding of their requirements before an expensive commitment to development is made. We encourage them to make a competitive market analysis and incorporate the information into the product design before the commitment is made. We can even assist in the process of ideation and creating an initial proof of concept or prototype



Olive Technology is accustomed to scrutiny. We trust in our experience and expertise, but we have our work verified. We are always looking to validate that our assumptions are correct. Often we are called upon by our clients to extend our expertise to help them verify their assumptions as well. We offer a wide range of assessment consultations including: database and code reviews, scalability assessments, security audits, and PCI compliance reviews. If you want our help in assessing that you’re on the right track, we’re ready to give you a second set of eyes on your practices, policies, architecture or any other technology related needs you have.

The advantage of consulting with an experienced technology partner is that we will help you find answers before you decide to move forward. Before we develop the product for you, our experience suggests that our clients are better served when they have a road map and an understanding of the journey ahead of them before they embark.


Empowering people through technology

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