Success in a growing company is measured by the company’s ability to effectively deliver a product or service to the end-user at a price that makes it a compelling solution in the market.


Tell the organization’s story to the world and your employees​


Provide Research and Development with data about market needs


Inform Sales and Marketing about leads, opportunities, and their ability to meet sales objectives


Give executives timely information to determine company direction


Display accurate financial information

At Olive Technology, our focus is on Applied Technology Solutions. We help clients plan for, implement and integrate existing systems, with the best stand-alone solutions available. We are also happy to develop custom software. The primary purpose at our first meeting to you understand your organization’s mission, and the strategies you deploy to accomplish that mission. We have often found that even the best prepared RFPs are developed only to look for a solution to a specific problem, without considering the impact on the rest of the mission. Our purpose is to understand “Why” before we suggest “What”. In the next meeting, our technology experts will generally provide you with multiple solutions to meet your needs based on functionality, economics, and future growth. We are confident that you will find that our over twenty years of experience, working with a variety of companies in multiple countries, allows us to discern the right solutions for your organization.

Empowering people through technology

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