Health care

Executive Summary

The client, Silicon Valley’s leading healthcare provider, approached Olive Technology to build an interactive healthcare consumer portal which would allow consumers to search for medical tests, schedule appointments, and pay online for various medical services available. Olive Technology clearly identified the technology need of the client and provided a very user-friendly web portal using the latest LAMP technology.

Key features of the application

  • Schedule radiology exams such as MRIs, CTs, X-rays, screening tests, and more.
  • Access directory of radiology facilities.
  • List insurance plans of consumers.
  • Profile services and show available appointment times to consumers.
  • Enable self-paying consumers to pay online.

Olive Technology built an application which enables millions of healthcare consumers to find, buy, and schedule medical services. The solution provided by Olive Technology to help consumers and healthcare providers features the following capabilities:

  1. To find, buy and schedule radiology tests.
  2. Insured Patients can find insurance plan facilities, compare services and schedule appointments.
  3. Patients making out-of-pocket payments can compare shops, pay for specific test, and schedule appointments.
  4. Provide internet sales and marketing channel for medical providers to reach healthcare consumers.
  5. Consumers can fill open timeslots, create an online profile and perform online payment.
  6. Provides medical providers and customers with online scheduling options, thus eliminating scheduling hassles and conflicts.
  7. ‘Price Display’ on the website as an optional feature.

Olive Technology’s Solution

Tools and Technology

For this project Olive Technology programmers used the latest, cutting-edge technological solution based on LAMP framework, to provide high quality and innovative solutions for business needs using tools and technologies listed below:

  • Mootools for JavaScript
  • Ajax, JSON for JavaScript
  • PHP JSON Module, PHP 5.0
  • MySQL 5.0
  • Apache Server 2.0
  • Virtual host implementation, Google Maps API
  • Credit card authorization via PayPal (Payment Gateway Integration)
  • Smarty templates

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