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Olive Technology has extensive experience with native, hybrid and web-based mobile app development.

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We work closely with our clients to determine the best solutions for the goals they have in mind. Olive Technology can engineer native apps that take advantage of the latest features of a particular platform. We can also save you time and money when building cross-platform applications. We take a versatile and cost effective approach, utilizing hybrid mobile app development techniques that leverage the best features of native implementation. These combine with the standardization and rapid development that comes from mobile web standards. Additionally, we can implement your web projects so that they are beautiful and elegant when visited through both mobile and desktop browsers. 

A potential customer’s first experience of your brand is as close as a Mobile Phone. How will your customers experience your brand for the first time? – Joseph Vijayam, CEO.


Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. Apple didn’t invent the smartphone category, but the company revolutionized how people interacted with their phones and how developers reached their audience. Olive Technology developers have been “thinking different” about how to deliver iOS products for years. Whether you are looking for deeply backwards compatible Objective-C mobile app development, or you are looking to revolutionize the world with the latest app phenomena written in Swift, we can build a team around your dream, vision and mission.

Android phones make up the majority of smartphones in the world, but these are supported by many different phone and tablet manufacturers, leading to fragmentation. Olive Technology has an extensive history of dealing with these issues, allowing your app to fully take advantage of Android’s strengths. Whether you’re developing the next disruptive technology or trying to streamline internal enterprise processes, Olive Technology has the real world experience that will help you succeed.


Hybrid Mobile Applications

Modern smart phones and tablets run a diversity of operating systems like Google Android, Apple iOS, and Blackberry. These involve distinct areas of engineering expertise, which means your software engineering costs can increase according to how many platforms you want to support. It doesn’t have to be this way. Hybrid Mobile Applications (HMA) utilize modern standards like EcmaScript (Javascript), HTML5 and CSS3. An HMA uses these technologies to form a common development framework across all major phone and tablet platforms.

Every time someone hears about your brand for the first time, they have an opportunity to reach into their pocket for their first encounter with you. Today’s consumers frequently access the web using mobile devices. At Olive Technology, we specialize in designing beautiful, elegant, and functional mobile responsive websites that look just as good on a mobile phone as they do on a 30″ 4k monitor. We use the latest internet standards to deliver your content on any size screen, across any platform, using any modern web browser, mobile or otherwise.

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