Start Up

Your ideas can become reality.

” Many people have an idea for an invention during the course of their life. What separates you from the masses
is that you realize it takes more than an idea to bring a product to market. You have to be able to execute on
your idea, and with thin margins for error, you have to do so well ” 

Build what you must, but no more

The key to having a chance at success with software development is to understand your Differentiating Value Proposition (DVP). What sets you apart from the others? Then you establish your Minimum Viable Product (MVP): how you distill your DVP into the minimum implementation necessary to test your assumptions. You must discipline yourself to ask the hard questions about what really matters for your product’s success. Olive Technology can bring you the experience and guidance that comes from having worked with a large variety of startups over the last 25 years.

Run lean

Technology itself is rarely what differentiates you. It’s usually something more fundamental that is expressed through technology. For some startups that might be a unique marketing opportunity. For others it’s delivering a process that improves the lives of individuals or the productivity of businesses. Going back to the idea of a Minimal Viable Product, an entrepreneur must introspectively ask what the MVP is of the product and also the entire company.

Unless your product is fundamentally a new way of implementing a technology itself, then your engineers are not part of your MVP. A leaner engineering staff allows you to reserve your capital for what really matters – executing your plan.

Pick your partners well

You will have to contract an array of subject matter experts, including branding and marketing experts and accounting and finance firms. Each is vital, but not your MVP.

Olive Technology has 25 years of experience working with over 100 disparate clients. These clients have been located in 10 countries, utilizing a hugely diverse range of technologies. We provide you our experience so that you don’t have to learn the hard lessons of product engineering yourself.

As you prepare to to implement your MVP, we’d be glad to sign an NDA to explore the possibilities of working with you. We have taken products from ideation to production hosting and maintenance. We’d appreciate the opportunity to power your ideas with our experience

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